How Google Took the Work Out of Selling Advertising

James Fallows of the NYTimes wrote today that “Google’s great technical strength – the “sun in its solar system,” as Mr. [Gary] Stein put it – is the way it automatically grasps the themes and emphases of each Web page”. And how did Google put this idea to work. According to Jim, “…thanks to automated ad sales, small publishers have a more viable hope of creating a business, and keeping independent voices, than they did even a year ago.” In other words, AdSense allows a connection between specialized web pages and vendors that suit in an entirely automated manner, instead of handling manual placement for each ad.

But just as automated placement of ads in a rich media environment can and should be automated, so goes the creation, production, and deployment of rich media ads. But this process is currently as hands-on intensive as ad placement before AdSense – and that isn’t smart.

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