What’s ExecProducer? Let me tell you…

Well, the CEO of ExecProducer, who I know pretty well, got back from the Art of the Start Forum run by Garage Technology Ventures. Art of the Start, for those techies reading this who don’t know anything about the biz side, is the place where executives and VCs like Guy Kawasaki and Steve Jurvetson hobnob and chat about valuations and what’s hot in startups.

Along with pitching the business venture for fun (did you know that people really talk of “pitching” and “fun” in the same sentence), he also got motivated to get me to pitch my side – the technology and what it means to people. “But I’ve got a woman’s networking engagement this afternoon” I cried. “Just use MinutePitch and shoot a few videos that answer some of the VC questions.” OK – I did. Took me about a half-hour end-to-end (yes, protocols matter). So I can still be on-time for my appointment.

So go to Lynne’s MinutePitch page and take a few minutes to find out along with the VCs what the CTO of ExecProducer says about “Staying Connected”, “Your Perfect Picture Show” and “It’s About Relationships” (QT6/mp4). After all, maybe you ought to be in pictures too.

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