How Tech Really Happens

Mike Cassidy and I were chatting about the difficulties of getting away from work. Most people like to go home and really forget about work, but that’s not how it is in the startup world. In startups, you’re always having new ideas and working on new projects and companies. It is the driving force for change, and once you’re hooked, that is it.

Ever since Berkeley (and before, since I was working while still at school) it’s always been work everywhere. My kids are used to it. They wanted me to take them to the library today, but I said “Not until you take all the Celestron scopes out of the car and reassemble them, and don’t drop them”, and they did, and we did. The nice thing about working on startups when you’re a mom is that you can set your own schedule, and be around the kids when they need you, and work at off times when most of the tech work really happens.

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