Oh, Where, Oh Where Has My Little AVI Gone…

Revisiting the Pew Internet study (“Content Creation“) discussing online content creation by Internet users (Mar-May 2003), it’s amusing to see how much things have changed in a year.

According to the Pew study released February of 2004 (and to be fair, the study took one year to assemble, analyze the data and release the report, so it’s understandably a bit outdated) content creators use very little digital media. It’s not popular. Right? Uhh, not anymore.

Look how far we’ve gone. Photo sharing has become far more popular. This is due to two factors – the increasing size of photos (megapixel) precludes easy mailing from person-to-person, but with new photo sites placement on one site offers convenient storage, and now a lot of people can look, when before only a few could. And even better – tools are not required for anyone to use them – it’s simply an upload.

However, video is an entirely different area. I see two different conflicting trends.

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