Send it By Messenger – it’s Faster

A certain very large software company which prides itself on providing the ultimate enterprise solution in Silicon Valley now wins the “Send it By Messenger – It’s Faster” email award.

A manager at that firm sent an email to a private channel for video production. And then waited…and waited… Where was the movie?

I wanted to know that myself. So I checked the logs and found we hadn’t received any email! What happened to it? As he investigated on his end, we watched and waited, until the email popped in at 1:34pm. He was sent our email after processing and deployment to the site successfully at 1:37pm. So we got it, produced, uploaded, and displayed it. All in about 3 minutes less some odd seconds.

However, we found it took about 2 hours to get the email from his company to here. As my Physics 110B professor used to say when someone was very dullwitted, “Talk about phase lag”!

The moral of the story – before you blame the receipient of the email for blowing you off, maybe you ought to check first with your firewall guardian.

Or as the manager himself put it sheepishly afterwards, “We are the cobblers children”. However, for shoemakers they have pretty ritzy digs.

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