Fun Friday – Just Stand Right Here and Pitch

Well, just for the end of the week giggles, this press release came in for an “interactive CEO Pitch ‘video blog’… For CEOs that want to create brand leadership in their market space and attract new customers, strategic partners and investors, the CEO Pitch videoblog is a very powerful tool. In essence, CEOs can leverage their time by making their pitch available at any time of the day from anywhere on the planet”. Sounds supersonic.

So, what do you get, really? Well, one Internet elevator pitch video plus a page to view it plus a “rate this CEO Pitch” button and a wiki for comments (uh, oh – don’t know if I’d like my pitch page scribbled on by self-appointed critics – let them get their own page). Still, sounds pretty good, but how much? $2,995US. Ouch.

Check out MinutePitch – Your Video Screen on the Web! from , one of our partners. They offer five video pitches per month (because maybe your business isn’t stagnant but actually growing) done by you at any time via email (no appointments to keep or scenes to reshoot) with your own private page and program guide and email announcement list. It’s under your control – not someone else’s. Plus they offer professional guidance on how to improve your pitch. And it is a better value for your money.

But if you want to pay a lot more, I’m sure there are plenty of other people who’ll help you with that.

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