“I’ve Just Got to Get Organized – If I Can Just Find What I Was Looking For…”

Michael Bazeley of the SJ Mercury News today takes folks to task for leaving all those digital photos and vids on their disk drive just waiting for it to die. He says people should be putting their personal stuff on other people’s sites (which does help with backup issues). And if you don’t have many photos, and you’re already organized, and you don’t mind transient views, that’s probably a great idea.

But what if you’ve got loads of photos – a lot more than a simple photo album page – and a lot of clips too. If they’re cluttering up a disk drive, surely they’ll clutter up a site. So you become disorganized in two places at once! Well that doesn’t sound too promising…

There’s one more way people can organize their photos (and vid clips). Make a movie with ExecProducer! Here’s how…

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