Mompreneurs and Tech

OK, most people think that startups are done by 20-something guys who sleep on the floor, talk really fast and don’t use deoderent. Well, that was kind of true 20 years ago, and that is the type of guy who some VCs like to fund thinking “Wow, they’ll work day and night and all I have to do is pay their parking tickets”. But what about those “moms” who are also “entrepreneurs”? Well, according to Marianne Costantinou of the San Francisco Chronicle, a women who has kids and wants to run a business “…has it all, all right: the chaos, the stress, the pressures of being mom and businesswoman all at once, all at the same time.” Yes, she’s a mompreneur!

And I just loved this “Mompreneur” story because it made me laugh. I’ve always been a mom and an entrepreneur. I married into a Silicon Valley startup (my husband got venture funding) back in the early 1980’s. Symmetric Computer Systems. A Unix workstation company with a bunch of Berkeley grads.

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