More Online Video – and I’m Still Not Satisfied!

AOL can’t meet the demands of either their advertisers or customers – both want more online video and they want it now!

Advertisers want more online video to, surprise, insert ads. Michael Barrett, VP worldwide sales, AOL Media Networks says “It’s a year-round process; we’re placing assets all the time. While video represents a growing portion of our revenue, it’s nowhere near the lion’s share of our online ad revenue like any area that’s in limited supply and high demand, and we try to organize our approach to the marketplace.”

With more streaming video content loved by their customers, AOL hopes to lure marketers that are increasingly bullish on video ads. “AOL can sell demographics or psychographics depending on what makes the most sense.We already do this across a huge network and wide array of brands and vertical programming categories” (Kevin Conroy, EVP-COO, AOL Media Networks).

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