Real Women and Men Like Technology

Well, I was planning to discuss why we don’t need MAC addresses anymore, but then I ran across this little google search on “women don’t like technology” and I was intrigued enough to check it out. Not surprisingly, even a small datacenter like TeleMuse Networks checks out some of the more interesting keyword searches once in a while.

While I certainly wasn’t surprised that the Lynne’s Blog entry entitled Why Women Don’t Like IT? Ed Frauenheim of CNET and Anthro 101 is right up there on page one, I was bemused to find the rest of the entries didn’t seem to have much to do with women and technology and what they think of it. In fact, except for the gizmodo reference to nagging robots, fluff about sex, health and humor (well, maybe humor fits) abounds. The whole page is singularly notable for its absence of relevence.

But wait – what if we change “women” to “men” and do another google search on “men don’t like technology”? Will there be a marked difference in the results, with in-depth technology discussions instead of the frivolous stuff we see in the women’s popularity domain? Are men taken more seriously than women in the world of Internet inquiry?

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