Itanic Readies for Final Sinking – Multiflow and HP Tech Aren’t Enough

Alas, “itanic”, aka “Itanium” is resurrected again, this time debuted by Intel as a “chip with two brains”. But the critics aren’t impressed, and to save money for senior management Itanium soirees, Intel middle managers are to be tossed into the cold big blue.

Well, this is no surprise to those chip-watchers who talked down Itanium from the beginning. While Dell and IBM have fled to calmer X86 waters with the likes of AMD, HP has been steadfast, selling 80% of the chips Intel has shipped.

Of course, many wonder why HP is such a firm holdout when everyone else is baling? To understand how we got where we are, we actually have to ask the question “Where did the Itanium come from?” If you think it all sprang fully formed from Andy Grove’s head, you’re quite wrong. And you’d miss the story of long-ago acquisitions, agreements, and ambitions…

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