Trading Places in Silicon Valley

I was feeling low on a rainy day, and then read Mike Cassidy’s story about a Santa Cruz family and their “reality” check on “trading spouses”. It really made me laugh. Check it out – it’ll chase those blues away.

Remember what the reality show biz did with the Amish last summer – “hey, let’s corrupt these Amish for a summer hit”? Well, we aren’t in Pennsylvania, so the best they could do was find a Taoist hippie bluegrass family and try to make them some kind of narrow control-freak isolated cult. But, hey, they got $50 grand, so what’s the big deal on a little video “license”, right? Ahh, the highs and lows of human nature – who could ask for anything more?

One of the reasons I developed was to allow people the ability to produce and create their own media inexpensively to frame their own images and memories, instead of relying on schlamazels with their own agenda. But I guess wave a few dollars and all good sense goes out the window. PT Barnum will always have a valued place in America.

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