Bells are Ringing – Please Don’t Arrest the Bellringer

Is everyone getting tired of the “stress” excuse. You know, the “I can’t make the meeting because I’m stressed out” or “I didn’t finish the project because I’m too stressed” or “I forgot to take out the scapel after removing your appendix because of stress”… And all you’re really hearing is “I don’t want to do anything for anybody, so I’ll say I’m stressed and act pathetic and you’ll let me off the hook so I can go to Starbucks and gorge on mochas and pretend I’m working when I’m really looking at porn on the web”.

First we had during our “season of sharing” Christmas stores refusing to allow Salvation Army Bell Ringers (you know, they stand with a kettle and ring a bell for the poor) to stand on their properties because they present “too much stress” to their customers! Even the bell was too disturbing, because it rings and they hear it and look at the silent ringer and the kettle for the poor and that makes them feel bad because they don’t want to give the poor anything. And customers who are ashamed of themselves aren’t gluttonous store customers, right?

Now, doing it one better (and who wouldn’t), it’s “stomp on a Girl Scout” time, in which CW Nevius voices the complaint of the Silicon Valley upper-middle-class whiner who is standing up and refusing to talk to little girls in uniforms about whether they’d like to eat a thin mint or shortbread cookie because they are just “too stressed”. Aren’t we all just wracked with compassion for these pathetic souls?

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